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Crystal Beach is Open and Water is Safe

Crystal Beach is Open and Water is Safe

The weather is great...come on down to Bolivar Peninsula. Tar balls have been cleaned up and beaches are more beautiful than ever.

Small quantities of tar balls have washed up on the Bolivar Peninsula. These findings have been reported to the US Coast Guard and they have taken immediate action. They have confirmed that some of the tar balls were not in fact related to the BP oil spill, but some were. All findings occurred on Saturday and Sunday and were all cleaned up by the coast guard at that time. No tar balls have been found since that time.

Tar balls often wash up on the beaches and cause a very minimal inconvenience. Baby oil or lighter fluid are two common household items that are typically used to remove tar.

Anyone who sees oil or tar balls on the beaches is asked to report them to the National Response center 1-800-424-8802 or 800-832-8224.

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