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Tax Savings on Bolivar Peninsula Properties

Galveston City Taxes Make Tax Savings on Bolivar Peninsula Properties Shine

To highlight the tax savings on Bolivar Peninsula properties, I have selected two properties to do a side by side comparison of the Bolivar and City of Galveston property taxes.

Each house has a Second Home type owner with no deductions. This will produce as close as example as possible.

One should note that the Bolivar Home selected below is in Waterways subdivision and is a deep canal front home connecting to the Intracoastal Waterway. The second home is a home in Pirates Beach Subdivision located on the West End of Galveston Island and is a dry lot home. I was able to find two homes of approximately the same value, although the appraisal of the Bolivar example is about $8,000.00 cheaper.

House in Waterways Subdivision, Crystal Beach, Texas/Appraised for $323,000+ Home in Pirates Beach Subdivision, Galveston, Texas/Appraised at $331,000

Now here are the resulting tax figures for the two properties:
Waterways Home, Crystal Beach, Texas Pirates Beach Home, Galveston, Texas

Wow! That’s some savings and it a savings that occurs every year. In fact the City of Galveston’s 0.494 tax rate receives much criticism from Galveston city residents. One merely needs to read the online version of the Galveston Daily News to find articles and letters to the editor complaining to no avail about the city taxes. In fact during the last election all of the city council members up for re-election were defeated.

It goes without saying that homes in Bolivar, when compared directly to homes in Galveston, are also in fact a much better value sales price wise. You cannot find a direct comparison to a Pirates Beach home to a Waterways home because Pirates beach canal homes are far more expensive than Waterways homes. And it doesn’t stop there.

Lots in Bolivar are far less expensive than comparable lots in Galveston. Look at the beachside lots in The Biscayne. Not only are they less expensive they are larger and border a nature preserve which prevents future development from crowding out your new homes view. Also, the Brint Construction development of Surfside Estates offer large lots, new homes and owner financing.

Trust me when I say people are starting to wake up to the fact that Bolivar is the place to buy and now is the time to buy before prices soar. The list of Bolivar benefits goes on and on. From Waterways you are a matter of feet from the Intracoastal, east bay fishing or a fast boat ride on the Intracoastal to offshore fishing.

Whether fishing or boating, time and distance are money these days and Bolivar outperforms Galveston in both areas. Value and location are tough items to beat and Bolivar has both.

Sorry Galveston, but for many people, you have taxed yourself out of competition.

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